In everything I do I make an impact and it’s up to me to choose what kind of impact I want to have. An impact could be a simple as smiling and making eye contact when saying thank you. It could be shutting my mouth and listening to what others have to say first. It could mean stepping in and taking control by creating a bit of constructive tension to move things forward. It all depends on the purpose and intention.

I invite you to pause, get clarity and refocus on what’s important in the moment by using this simple 4 question PIPE Routine in any situation. What’s my purpose? What’s my intention? Am I present? How’s my energy?

The PIPE Routine invites a quick pause to reset any situation.

Energy isn’t positive or negative. It’s a vibrational resource I can tap into. People and science have learned how to harness it so I can use it. Although I can’t see it, I can certainly feel it and see it’s power and capabilities in it’s converted form.

Showing up is the form of my own natural energy I generate by just being. It’s my presence in the present moment and which stays once I’m gone. This is why I try to consciously choose what kind of energy I generate and what kind I connect to. This is the energy force field I refer to as my bubble I choose to surround myself with. This includes my thoughts, feelings, actions and being. It’s me taking responsibility for my life and my results. It’s my integrity which is unique and my own.

Personally I choose to be positive and is probably why Pollyanna is still one of my favorite movies. When I use the PIPE Routine I focus on what I can do to influence a positive vibrational energy that creates a positive result. It’s why I believe in the unlimited potential inside of me and everyone I meet. Not everyone is ready to embrace it just yet but, I love to try and coax it out of others and see a transformational change as they experience the ah-ha moment. (Oh my, have I just codified the glad game?)

I’ve been told I’m apathetic when it comes to certain topics or situations. Most of the time I probably am. When people are either complaining, blaming or accepting to play a victim role I’m just not interested in getting sucked in and I distance myself from the conversation. If it doesn’t serve me by bringing what I consider value or joy or align with my goals, I don’t feel a need to apologize.

I can offer up my point of view and maybe include my why behind it. I’m one of those people who wants to know the why behind a point of view. I want to know if it’s from my own experience/s or a belief past down from others? I love challenging myself or, when others challenge me, by inviting in a new insight I’ve never consider. And yes, sometimes it comes from one of those discussion I try to distance myself from. Continual growth allows me to stay fresh and young.

So welcome to my world and the bubble of my energetic presence.