Energetic Presence

Executive Coaching and Transformational Facilitator

Helping Individuals and Team SHOW UP

Leaders need to understand employees have a choice to be engaged or not.  Showing up is a simple routine that can be applied by everyone in any situation.

About Meg Tyquingco

CEO, Energetic Presence

After 35 years of leadership in management, sales, and service with companies that include Xerox Corporation, Ford Motor Company, Atkins Kroll and Triple J Motors, Meg nows shares her expertise and experience with others in order to give back.

Using her own unique methods of coaching, including a bit of consulting and training, she meets you where you’re currently at and works interdependently with you as a partner to step outside your comfort zone where you’ll find transformational growth to get the result you desire.

Core Values

This is where and how I want to connect with those I work with.  If I could only ask for one thing it would be love.  It’s caring, accepting and comes from my heart. It’s not perfect and can be challenging but it always, always, always brings a positive joyful energy.  It’s so much bigger than me or my business.  It the compass to my mind so even when I have to make unpopular decisions I’ve taken into account the multiple affects they have on others and I will have no regret.  
This is the why behind my intention to inspire and empower others. To think how may times I’ve had to be courageous!  Courage is the faith I have in myself and others.  It’s the trust and confidence that creates the excitement to step outside my comfort zone.  It allows me to be vulnerable and forgiving so I can let go of a meaning that no longer serves me.  It allows me to take action so I can move forward and continually grow.
This is the why behind my purpose.
I hope I’m always expanding and opening my heart and mind while breaking behaviors that have become habits that no longer serve me or those around me. Mother Nature set the example for me. If I’m not growing, I’m slowly dying. I may not be dead but just existing is like waiting to die and it’s not for me. Even when movement slows down due to aging there is always, always, always something I can do, learn, share, change… I see this in business all the time and why pausing is so important for continual growth. I created my ACAI Growth Process using this concept.
This is the big picture dream behind Energetic Presence.
I’m a big fan of the law of attraction, reciprocity, the reticular activation system and taking 100% responsibility for my life and my results. What comes from me will always come back to me. Contribution is part of me and my family’s DNA. I was brought up with the importance of being of service to others. At times I dreaded it but soon I saw the wisdom of it. The things I learn about myself and others when I’m contributing or sharing a part of myself is always creating a positive impact.

My desire is to be a major supporter of Junior Achievement of Guam, which I see as an organization that can have a huge impact on Guam’s workforce, leaders and businesses, especially entrepreneurs. It brings me a sense of fulfillment. I believe if everyone were to contribute some of their positive energy to others, the world would be even better then it already is.

This is a combination of so many thoughts and feelings. In a nutshell it’s about balance and alignment and the theory behind my Energy Wheel. I have this amazing forcefield around me called energy which is neither positive or negative. I get to choose what and who it’s made up of. It includes my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energy. It’s my energetic presence and how I show up in each moment. I realize I’ve gotten distracted from my own health because I didn’t pause and take the necessary action to take care of me first so I can do more for people and things beyond me, but I live and learn and hopefully at this age the lesson is finally embedded.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start showing up daily!