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Growing a Team of Leaders is a series of workshops focused leadership, communication, teamwork and, sales and service.  Each series is specific to grow managers, sales and service staff, or support staff and follow a similar structure.  This allows for integration as a whole team and the ability to expand into other opportunities. 

Do You Want A Team Of Leaders Focused on Results and Growth?

Regardless of how great a product, process or a system is, people will always be the differentiating determining factor of customer experience, long-term relationships and results contributing to sustainable growth.

This series of workshops helps individuals and businesses show up. It takes you through four core areas toward success – leadership, communication, teamwork, and sales and service. Each of which complements and supports the other to create a cohesive and collaborative team that delivers results.


Ask yourself these few questions to see if your organization has this competitive advantage and powerful point of differentiation known as teamwork.

  • Do I have a team made up of confident leaders who take 100% responsibility for their results and their life?
  • Do I have team of members who openly and readily disclose their opinions and understand conflict is required for movement and growth?
  • Do I have a team who embraces change with resiliency and agility and avoids getting slowed down trying to get consensus vs. buy-in?
  • Do I have team members who are able to confront one another about their shortcomings without finger pointing, blaming or complaining?
  • Do I have a team who will sacrifice their own interest for the good of the team?

Energetic Presence follows a simple process to help individuals and teams show up. We combine a bit of theory and a lot of common sense into the facilitation and coaching throughout this series of workshops to help grow a team of leaders.

Our Process

Self awareness

Growing a Team of Leaders begins with leading oneself. The more aware of who we are, who we want to be, what we want and the why behind it all opens up unlimited possibilities and opportunities. By acknowledging the imperfections of humanity, team members can overcome the natural tendencies that make teamwork so elusive.

Collective Responsibility

Once there’s a commitment to a common goal, mission or vision teamwork can begin. Taking responsibility for the results and being comfortable in creating constructive tension when needed to get the results solidifies the performance of the team.


Becoming comfortable communicating within a diverse group of people is a learnable skill. Creating a common language and defining the organizational culture limits the fear to share perceptions, perspectives and ideas that can contribute to growth.


Results – in every moment we’re having an impact.  This is why everyone within any organization needs to have an understanding of sales and service.  Every single person is in sales and service!  The only exception is the customer they serve.    

Rest Assured, When You Cover Your Team ; Your Company is always COVERED.

Meg openly shares her experience and experiences from her 35 years in leadership and management in sales and service working with and for fortune 500 companies to small local organizations.

Benefits of Team Building


Increase productivity

Stress plus rest equals growth with rest being the operative word. Constant stress leads to burnout or worst. Teams who create a pause on a regular basis to celebrate also gain the clarity and energy required for continual productivity. 


Improve effective communication

Collaboration and cohesive teams have members who are aware of how they’re showing up in any given situation. Our energetic presence is the vibrational energy we give off and what we receive from others in verbal and non-verbal communication.


Employee Engagement

People believe people they trust, people trust people they like, people like people they know, people know people they see, so get out in front of other people! Focusing on serving others first and solving problems is the most simplistic way to engage.

What Type of Teams Need Energetic Presence Team Building ?

Tenured Teams

Teams composed of members need to step up and out of their comfort zone.

Teams in Transition

Teams that are newly formed. This includes teams with new leadership  or a first time manager-leader.

Sales Team

Teams who are expected to retain and grow their customer base while exceeding targeted revenue results.

Teams We’ve Worked With

Meg constantly encouraged me to follow my dreams to start my own business. She always checked in with me to see how I was progressing, helped me step out of my comfort zone and face many of my fears. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to start my own venture as it has led to more freedom, flexibility, and my overall health has even improved!

– Michelle Crisostomo , GU HYDRO

Frequently Asked Questions


Where are team building seminars hosted?

Team building seminars can be hosted in house or at an external venue depending on the needs of your company and the goal of the event. 


Is Meg available to facilitate events outside of Guam and CNMI?

Yes, it’s possible to have Meg host an event away from her homebase. Please take note that advanced coordination is necessary. 


Is this a one-time event or should our team expect a follow up ?

Typically, Meg follows up on team building events to ensure attendees are being held accountable for the leadership goals set during the event. 


How often do you recommend team building sessions ?

Team building sessions and / or seminars should be a routine activity in your workplace or organization. At minimum an annual event will help solidify the importance of team building and leadership within your professional / workplace culture. 

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