Natsuki Fujita - Takagi & Assoc.

I wanted Meg to be my mentor because not only does she have the years of experience in leadership, but her style of leadership and beliefs are very similar to how I envision myself as a leader. She has opened my eyes to many different possibilities, not only in leadership, but with self-improvement and team building, which I have used amongst my team members, and it has shown immediate results. 

Rasmeet Sachdej - Scarlet Rose

When I first met Meg, I was taken aback at the level of enthusiasm she brought to the conversation. Through conversation Meg is able to unleash what your goals are and what obstacle you are facing in trying to achieve them. She is able to help you push your boundaries and reach the goal you might have never thought possible.

Cathy Calvo - Payless Supermarkets

There is a wide diversity of personalities and management styles within our leadership team and Meg was able to work with us in addressing important issues and ways to resolve the differences. 

Michelle Crisostomo - GU HYDRO

Meg constantly encouraged me to follow my dreams to start my own business. She always checked in with me to see how I was progressing, helped me step out of my comfort zone and face many of my fears. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to start my own venture as it has led to more freedom, flexibility, and my overall health has even improved! 

Matt Sgro

Meg was genuine and welcoming from the moment we met. The conversation was natural and nothing seemed scripted or rehearsed. It was easy for me to open up about professional and personal hurdles. I admire her passion for helping others and how this is more than “just another job” for her.

Holly Rustick - WEGO

I have been working with Meg for two years now, and she is an amazing coach! She is always so great at bringing amazing energy to our conversations and sessions and I leave with task to do to advance my business forward. She has become an outstanding friend through the process and I am very grateful for our relationship. My business has increased to a six-figure business since working with Meg and I owe a lot to her years of expertise, her ability to help me find value and inner balance, and her ability to ask the hard questions that make all the difference.