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Business and Organizations need to build dynamic leadership teams. Meg and Energetic Presence specializes in helping teams shop up. Learn more about onsite programs designed to build leaders.

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Meg is one of Guam’s most sought after speakers on leadership & team building 


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What Is Energetic Presence Coaching?

Energetic Presence Coaching focuses on building teams of highly motivated self-leaders by arming them with the knowledge and consciousness to lead others. Meg’s proven training programs will help your employees produce results through trust, communication, commitment and accountability.

“Individuals play the game, teams beat the odds.”
-Navy Seals

Team Building Focus

Energetic presence focuses on helping you and your company build empowered teams that produce more fruitful and faithful results. 

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Energetic Presence coaching provides in-house training options to avoid disrupting the work environment while keeping costs manageable. Hosted options are also available.

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Your team needs experienced leadership training. Energetic Presence programs are facilitated by best in class coaches who implement reliable and proven techniques that foster leadership

Message From Meg

Hello & Welcome to Energetic Presence!  It’s my intention to inspire and empower people and businesses to “show up” in order to do great things for themselves and others.  In doing so, I believe it’s been my recipe for loving the life I live.  Simply put, when I’m sharing my energetic presence and am having a positive impact on others it makes me happy.  I focus on leadership, communication, teamwork, sales and service.
Let me start with a bit of history. 
Starting my own business was always one of those things I’d do one day.  Corporate America served me and my career well for 35 years.  It wasn’t until I found myself becoming that frog being slowly boiled that I chose to make the leap out of the pan.  I had no idea what was next and yet I’ve never ever question my choice or asked myself what if. In 2010 an idea entered my thoughts when I was laying in a hospital bed after a mastectomy from breast cancer.  I asked myself, if I was financially free what would I want to do?  The answer was immediate. I would take a much love nonprofit, Junior Achievement of Guam, to a new level.
The idea was planted and back to work I went where I was having the biggest and best year in my career.  Three years later I found myself having a very hard time showing up and doing what I loved.  I loved leading a high performing sales and service organization.  I loved the challenges and the responsibility. I loved my entire team surrounding me, our customers, our vendors, etc., but I had lost respect for my direct boss and didn’t have the capacity to fight such a persistent negative attitude.
I know, it’s such a cliche, people don’t leave companies, they leave bosses.  Although there were many phone calls and offers to stay it was too late, I was done.  It was time to trust myself and my choice.  I know, everyone has their own perceptive of any given situation and this was mine.
After a year of decompressing from four years that included the death of both parents, a brother, my best friend, breast cancer, and walking away from a 13 year leadership position with a great company etc., I was ready to get back in the game.  I was being asked to help improve performance within many of my peer’s sales and service teams and/or their manager-leadership team.  I realized this was something I loved doing and with my experiences both personally and professionally I knew I brought a unique value wherever I was needed.
A few years later I realized I hated “training”.   I felt the once and done workshops, 4 hours to 2 days,  was a waste of my time and my client’s money. I wanted to see  results. I wanted to see change and growth.  I wanted to feel a shift in the energetic presence of people and businesses.  I knew I had to focus on foundational attitudes and behaviors in order to get the long term results everyone is seeking.
In 2017 I changed my company name to Energetic Presence which was created by friends and clients who gave me words how they’d describe me.   I wanted to build something that could grow way beyond me and eventually bring in others who want to create a positive impact in communities and the world around them.
I began speaking in first person because if someone believes what I believe it’s probably someone I’d want to work with.  I’m not here to convince or say what is right or wrong. I’m here to question habits that may not serve me any longer and as a result I open my heart and mind to endless possibilities and opportunities.  I don’t care to waste my time blaming or complaining.  I always have the choice to change if I can’t change the situation itself.
So again, welcome to Energetic Presence.
Oh yeah, in regards to Junior Achievement of Guam?  A percent of all revenues from Energetic Presence and my other company, Creative Energy, goes to support JA Guam and the in-school and after-school programs which focus on entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and work-readiness.  If you’re interested in sponsoring a student company or want to  volunteer or want to financial support Guam’s future workforce and leaders, please let me know.

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Leadership and team building don’t happen overnight! You need support and resources to help build a powerful team. Energetic Presence can help. 

Don’t wait for leaders to appear. Empower your team by providing them the tools necessary to flourish. 

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